AL 14 - Field Phenotyping - Private Sector

Laboratory Activities with PlantStress Biotech INCT
  • Organize, maintain and share an in vivo bank of the innovation assets obtained in the project shared by INCT members.

  • Phenotyping (greenhouse or field) corn, soybean and cotton population resulting from crossing with GM events to obtain proof of concept of drought tolerance and/or resistance to Spodoptera frugiperda, Helicoverpa armigera or Meloidogyne spp.


Rafael Galbieri

Team Leader


Rafael Galbieri

Instituto Mato-grossense do Algodão.

Rodovia BR070 km 266 Zona rural 78850-000 - Primavera do Leste, MT - Brazil - Caixa-postal: 149

Phone: (66) 34973301