Biotechnological Assets Applied to Drought and Pests in Relevant Crops for Agribusiness


AL 03 -Molecular Genetics - (UFRJ, Cenargen)

Supervisor: Márcio Alves-Ferreira

Laboratory activities with INCT                                                                                             Collaborators

Integration of the transcriptome and sequencing of the model plant (Setaria) submitted to drought and high CO2 content.


Validate the expression of key genes in the metabolic pathways of plants response to combined stresses (biotic-biotic; biotic-biotic; abiotic-biotic) by qRT-PCR.


Identificar in silico promotores responsivos ao estresse biótico e abiótico.

AL8 AL9 AL11

Promoters responsive to drought and phytonmatoids with activity in different organs (root and leaf).


Set up a vector bank with promoters directing the expression of reporter genes (GUS / GFP) in monocots and dicots.


Validate promoters by transient transformation by biolistics or Agrobacterium rhyzogenes in target plants for in vivo testing of promoters (soy, cotton and corn).

AL8 AL9 AL10

Analyze the sequencing data to check the methylation status of gene promoters in the metabolic pathways of interest.


Validate the function of plant genes identified in IDs 1 and 2 potentially involved in drought tolerance mechanisms in Arabidopsis, rice or sepia plants through strategies of overexpression or silencing.

AL1 AL2 AL4 AL5 AL11

Organize, maintain and share an in vivo bank of the innovation assets obtained in the project shared by INCT members.


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