Supporting Partners 11 - Biometria (UFPel)

- Responsible: Antônio C. de Oliveira

- Atividades do Laboratório junto ao INCT                                                                                 Colaboradores

Integrate transcriptome data from monocotyledons (rice, maize, wheat, musa and sorghum) submitted to water deficit, generated by mass sequencing (Illumina-HiSeq) in previous projects.

LA5, LA6 e LA9

To identify in silico promoters responsive to biotic and abiotic stress.

LA3, LA8 e LA9

Assemble a vector bank with promoters directing the expression of reporter genes (GUS / GFP) in monocotyledons and dicotyledons.

LA8, LA9 e LA10

Validate the function of plant genes identified in IDs 1 and 2 potentially involved in drought tolerance mechanisms in Arabidopsis, rice or setaria plants through strategies of gene overexpression or silencing.

LA1, LA2, LA3, LA4 e LA5

Organize, maintain and share an in vivo bank of innovation actives obtained in the project shared by INCT members.

Todos os LAs

Phenotype (greenhouse or field) population of maize, soybean and cotton resulting from crossing GM events identified in IDs 4 and / or 6 to obtain proof of concept of drought tolerance and / or resistance to S. frugiperda, Helicoverpa armigera or Meloidogyne spp.

LA4, LA9, LA10, LA13 e LA14

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- Laboratory description

           The PLANT GENOMICS AND BREEDING CENTER was created in 2000 as a joint effort of the Plant Breeding and the Genomics Groups at FAEM UFPel. This effort has been working aiming for the balanced training of the next generation of plant breeders with molecular biology skills. The research group at PGBC is connected to the graduate Programs in Agronomy/Plant Breeding, Biotechnology and Seed Science and Technology.

- Research Lines

• Plant Breeding: grasses, legumes, solanaceous, liliaceae
• Genetics resources, genome and plant biotechnology

- Infrastructure


          The laboratory presents the necessary equipment for the activities development, among them: ultrapure water system, photodocumentation system, laminar flow hoods, autoclave, refrigerated centrifuge, microcentrifuge, electroporator, spectrophotometer, refrigerators and freezers, ultrafreezer, agitators, balance, micropipettes, electrophoresis apparatus in agarose and acrylamide gels, greenhouses for drying and sterilization, thermal cyclers and RT-PCR.


        The laboratory presents an experimental area for field work development, being used to test commercial cultivars and new products. Every year, local, regional and national competitivity tests for oats are carried out. In the wheat, maize and rice crops, abiotic stress experiments are performed, as well as crosses to identify superior genotypes to attend production needs.

Our Team

Antonio Costa de Oliveira

Graduate in Agronomy from Universidade Federal de Pelotas (1986), MSc in Agronomy/ Genetics and Plant Breeding from Universidade de São Paulo (1988), PhD in Genetics from Purdue University (1996) and Post-doctoral studies at University of Georgia/Department of Genetics (2007). Professor at UFPEl and CNPq Research Fellow level 1A. Has experience in Agronomy, focusing on Plant Improvement, acting on the following subjects: cereal genomics, rice, oats quantitative traits, breeding and variability. Has many scientific collaborative research works with USA, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, England and Mexico

Camila Pegoraro

Professor at Universidade Federal de Pelotas

Luciano Carlos da Maia

Professor at Universidade Federal de Pelotas

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Post - Doctoral
• Carlos Busanello - Lattes
• Eduardo Venske - Lattes 
• Railson Schreinert dos Santos - Lattes
• Vivian Ebeling Viana - 

• Viviane Kopp da Luz- Lattes

• Alan Pelegrin Jr. - Lattes
• Cezar Augusto Verdi - Lattes 
• Cíntia Silveira Garcia - Lattes
• Daiane Prochnow - Lattes
• Fabiane I. de Castro dos Santos - Lattes
• Gabriel Aguiar - Lattes
• Karine Elise Janner de Freitas - Lattes
• Liamara Bahr Thurow - Lattes
• Lílian Moreira Barros - Lattes 
• Mariana Peil da Rosa - Lattes
• Raíssa Martins da Silva - Lattes
• Renata Juliana Ahlert - Lattes
• Vianei Rother - Lattes

Master degree
• Ana Karina Frank Batidas - Lattes
• Diana Carolina Leivas Cortez - Lattes
• Jennifer Luz Lopes - Lattes
• Luis Herminio Chairez Tejeda - Lattes
• Tiago Corazza da Rosa - Lattes
• Victoria Freitas de Oliveira - Lattes

• Evandro Ehlert Venske
• Henrique Pasquetti Carbonari
• Jéder da Rocha Mattos
• Luciana Dallegrave Schroeder
• Matheus Kunrath Meyer


Centro de Genômica e Fitomelhoramento 
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