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INCT PlantStress results are presented in Symposium

Between the 23th and 27th of July 2023, the Siconbiol - 17th Symposium on Biological Control and 2nd Latin American Symposium on Biological Control promoted by the Entomological Society of Brazil (SEB) took place in the cities of Juazeiro-BA and Petrolina - PE.

Considered the largest event on biological control in Latin America, it brought together researchers, students, and professionals from the productive sector. The event addressed the latest advances in different areas of biological control, such as the use of bacteria, fungi, viruses, nematodes, parasitoids, predators and much more in the control of pests and diseases.

Although the agricultural area is still the largest audience, the event also covers the health area, mainly with the increased use of biological control of medically important insects.

Presentation of INCT PlantStress Biotech results

During the event, one of the lectures was given by Dr. Carolina Morgante, who presented the results obtained by the research group of the Plant-Pest Interaction Laboratory (LIMPP) of Embrapa/Cenargen and which is linked to the INCT PlantStress.

Dr Carolina showed important results that can be used in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as cutting-edge tools for insect control. The use of genetic engineering, with genetic transformation techniques and RNAi technology are among the strategies used by researchers.

Together with the productive sector, INCT PlantStress is always developing technologies for more profitable and sustainable agricultural production.

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