Maria Fatima Grossi-de-Sa

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          Maria Fatima Grossi-de-Sa is a Researcher Group Leader at EMBRAPA Genetic Resources and Biotechnology and Professor at the Catholic University of Brasília, Brasília-DF, Brazil. She is also the Coordinator of the National Institute of Science and Technology – INCT PlantStress Biotech at EMBRAPA and Director President of the Brazilian Society of Biotechnology. She is a full member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and the World Academy of Science (TWAS). In 2018, she received the Commander medal of the National Order of Scientific Merit. She heads the Plant Pest Molecular Interaction Laboratory and works in a wide range of research interests with an emphasis on plant biotechnology. Her main research interest are plant pest’s molecular interactions focused on phytonematodes and insect-pests, the development of GM crop plants for tolerance/resistance to abiotic stress and biotic stresses, the understanding of the molecular RNAi mechanism on insect pests, and the development of biopharmaceuticals. She is classified as scientific researcher 1A at Brazilian National Research Council (CNPq), has coordinated several research projects at EMBRAPA, FAP-DF, CAPES, and CNPq, and currently, her research group is also funded by industry and the productive sector of agribusiness.



  • B.Sc. In Biological Sciences, University of Brasilia, Brazil, 1979.

  • M.Sc.  In Molecular Biology, University of Brasilia, Brazil, 1982. 

  • Ph.D. University PARIS VII, Paris, France, 1987.



  • Researcher Leader on Plant Biotechnology at EMBRAPA Genetic Resources and Biotechnology - Brasilia- DF, Brazil (since 1989).

  • Senior Associate Professor at Catholic University of Brasilia (UCB), Brasilia-DF, Brazil (since 2004).

  • President of Brazilian Society of Biotechnology (since 2016).

  • Director of the National Institute Science & Technology on Plant Stress Biotechnology (INCT PlantStress Biotech; since 2016).



  • Award of Excellence in recognition of Outstanding Research Performance by Embrapa (2009).

  • Award Brazil SCOPUS Awards 2010 - Elsevier/CAPES (2010).

  • Full elected member of Brazilian Academy of Sciences (Elected May 2011).

  • Full elected member of the World Academy of Sciences (Elected Nov 2014).

  • National Order of Scientific Merit - Commander Class, Ministry of Science and Technology - Presidency of the Republic (2018).



          The main research interests focusing on novel and innovative approaches to crop protection, which cover, plant-nematode and insect interactions, transgenic crops, biotic and abiotic stresses, plant genome editing, gene silencing, insect nanobiotechnology, biopesticides based on RNA interference approaches, and recombinant proteins.




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